Welcome to Pomegranate

After eleven and a half years, Pomegranate has come to an end. During that time we have provided IVF for 36 couples who would not otherwise have been able to afford it. Now it’s the government’s turn. Stephen Donnelly has promised that the Assisted Human Reproduction bill is in its final stages and will be enacted into law shortly. This means that 2022 should see the creation of fertility hubs in each of the six hospital groups around the country with IVF and other treatments available on the public health service. We hope this will help those of you who still need it.

Thank you to all our supporters over the years – it goes without saying that we could not have done this without you. Not only have you raised money to help people directly but you have also raised awareness and that is something that has forced change.

Infertility is not a choice but treatment should be.

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